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Three Elegant Hotels

The Maidstone Inn – A Swedish owned boutique hotel located in East Hampton Village. Here you sleep in Hästens beds, relax in Svenskt Tenn furniture and spy on the celebrities who frequently visit.

Hotel Santa Catalina – Opened in 1890, this colonial hotel is located on the northern, calmer part of Gran Canaria. One can feel the mysterious atmosphere when walking down the halls of this hotel that is regularly visited by the Spanish royal family.
Chateau Marmont – Probably one of the most legendary hotels in the whole world. Located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, this hotel has been the home away for numerous celebrities such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mick Jagger, Greta Garbo, Leonardo Di Caprio and James Dean since it was founded in 1932. Rumored to be the main source of inspiration for the now immortalized Eagles song “Hotel California”.

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